"The sacred circle"

Boy Meets Girl; Boy Loses Girl; Boy Gets Girl Back Again. That's The "And They Lived Happily Ever After" Way.


When it comes to being psychic, Janice Kelly is the best of the best.  And she will have to be because she now finds herself trapped in a chateau with four other psychics by a beautiful spirit bent on releasing her imprisoned soul.  Headaches, time-slips, terrifying mind-swaps. None of the group is immune as they are hurled into a tale of murder--of lovers torn apart and left in limbo. And no one feels the pressure more than psychic/magician, Adrian Magus, who shares an especially, erotic mind-link with Janice moments after meeting her. Soon, the pair, along with their companions, is plunged into an actual replay of the three hundred year old, unsolved murder.

If you believe in Soul connections and great love stories, you're gonna love this tale of star-crossed lovers, both living and dead!

Someone is killing empaths. And Empath Sonny Blake is next. Enter Meta Corps Agent Logan Reed to the rescue. Or so he thinks. A very determined serial killer has other ideas. Before long, all three are hurled into a world of secrets, lies, and a mysterious project called "Pandora". Will Logan be able to keep Sonny out of a murderer's reach? Or will the devious predator ruin any chance the pair has of finding their "happily ever after"?


Brianna Sage has vowed to never practice the Wicca lifestyle again. But when her mother, a powerful hereditary witch, is trapped in a Sacred Circle and left to die, she is forced to re-think that decision. Arriving in the coven, she soon discovers that the only way to save her mother, and halt the growing health epidemic underway, is to marry her sworn enemy, Devlin Janus.

If you believe in magic, then you won't want to miss this tale of sworn enemies turned marriage partners

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