Paranormal Romance Writer

Rachel James


My third Novel, "Sanctuary" has hit the Amazon Website!

It s official! My third novel, "Sanctuary", is now on sale It's available in both E-Book and Paperback Format. Published by Crimson Romance, (now gobbled up by Simon &Shuster), this paranormal romance is filled with secrets, lies, and breath-taking psychic visions. It features Sonny Blake, a beautiful empath with incredible clairvoyant skills, and of course, she's paired with a handsome Meta Corps agent (Logan Reed) with a chip on his shoulder. Thrown together, the pair descend a rabbit hole of secrets and lies, and into a mysterious project called "Pandora". Will they manage to stay one step ahead of the madman chasing them? Or will the predator win out, making any chance the pair has of finding their "happily ever after"?

With Sanctuary in full release mode, it can be purchased through a myriad of other social outlets too (I-tunes, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, My Lybrary, etc). All you need to do is put "Sanctuary by Rachel James" in the search field, and wah-lah, there it is. 



Special news about my first novel, The Kindred"

My three novels are always available on Amazon, of course, but the great news is that my first novel, "The Kindred", was featured on the Book Bub Website for a whole week, and has been released in a new bundle called "Soul Mates".  If you have a chance, please give a look at the Amazon website (and any other site devoted to reading books) and if you like stories filled with romantic turns and twists, with a dash of the paranormal thrown in, download a copy. Some books are as low as only $.99.